is mineral makeup right for you?

The mineral movement has taken the cosmetics world by storm. Against the backdrop of conventional make-up, mineral cosmetics shine as a better alternative that actually allows your skin to breathe. I personally am a big fan of mineral makeup and am a witness to their amazing results and benefits, but I am very careful of the minerals that actually goes on my face.

First of all, I never go near any of that advanced nano-particle stuff that big companies promote. They supposedly ground the mineral particles so fine and claim that these refined particles adhere better to your skin and give a natural finish. When particles are so fine that they literally absorb into your skin and finds a way into your system, then you're putting yourself at risk, even if you believe mineral makeup is harmless.
For a really good post about the harm of inhaling mineral particles, check out Robin Adler's blog article: Mineral Makeup-Do Not Inhale

Second, I find that most mineral makeup contain some mica and titanium dioxide. Mica is that shiny stuff that gives the skin a nice shimmer and glow and titanium dioxide provides some sun protection. Mica might not be the best option for oily skin and I've known people with this skin type who hated some brands of mineral makeup because they contained high amounts of mica and caused shine and blemish. More importantly, These particles of mica and titanium dioxide, when inhaled, do irritate your lungs and lead to inflammation or more devastating conditions over long exposures. I never ever use loose powder of any kind because the powder flies everywhere and I feel like I'm dusting a chalk board. Pressed powders are better, but liquid or solid foundations are the best because they eliminate the inhalation dilemma completely.

Last but not least, don't purchase mineral makeup and believe that you're not in danger. KNOW the ingredients in the product and PROTECT yourself against lurking threats to your health.


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