Grapes of Wrath

A few weeks ago, I fell to the temptation of grapeseed oil.
Grapeseed oil, a neutral carrier oil full of antioxidants and fantastic fatty acids that supposedly will "keep you looking young forever", was a brand new concept to me at the time. I did some research online and visited several other blogs where people have tried this holy oil and went GA-GA over it.

So there I was, at my local natural foods store, staring at a bottle of Italy-imported grapeseed oil, secretly chuckling in my mind because I thought I had discovered the fountain of youth. "Every night before I sleep until I die." I said that to myself, imagining me as a wrinkle-free, radiant 80-year-old. 

So that night, I rubbed this stuff all over my face. It was light, odourless, and it seemed to penetrate into my skin unlike other oils that just sit on top. I liked it instantly.

The next morning, I woke up feeling kind of....itchy. I looked at my groggy face in the mirror and noticed that something was off. My skin, instead of looking renewed and vibrant, I shook my head in self-denial. "NO! NO! Grapeseed oil is awesome! Every night before I sleep until I die..." I convinced myself, still grasping at the dream of becoming the world's hottest grandmother.

A few days later, I was deep in the realm of uncontrollable skin itch. A rash had appeared whever the oil had touched, sparing nothing, not even *cough* my boobs.
After 2 nights of unrest I gave into Benadryl and officially parted ways with this oil. Although it is a great natural oil and usually calms allergic reactions instead of causing it, it just isn't for me. 
How did I finally get rid of the terrible rash? I had to stop using all my usual cleansers because even Dove was too harsh for me. I switched to Aveeno Moisturizing Bar with natural Collodial Oatmeal. This bar is soap-free and it's made with powdered oatmeal. I spotted this soap bar in a corner at the drugstore and was immediately attracted to the calming aspect. I took it home and opened the box and....
Plain jane...very very modest-looking soap. It smelled like oatmeal, looked like ground-up oatmeal, and just lacked any physical appeal. It felt nice and smooth on my skin and didn't irritate the rash like my other cleansers. The next day, I saw a BIG improvement to the texture of my skin and the redness was reduced. 

Now my skin is soft and smooth once again and I think I will keep using this cleanser...forever. Too bad I can't grow old with grapeseed oil, but I'm glad I've found something else for "every night before I sleep until I die."


  1. Baobaobeila Says:

    so aveeno really worked eh?! i always wanna try their product but never had a chance, i should try sometime~~

    Posted on February 6, 2010 at 9:54 PM  

    Sisi Says:

    yea iz the best cleanser I've used ever!
    Try the oatmeal beauty bar, it costs like $4.99 only ^^

    Posted on February 6, 2010 at 10:18 PM  

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