Natural Apothecary Lotion

My first "green" body lotion was a gift from a friend. It was an orange tube with the brand "Jason" slapped on the front of it. Although it was leaps and bounds above any conventional moisturizer that was full of useless chemicals, it failed to win over my heart with its funny organic scent and hideous packaging. It did however, open my eyes to another world of body lotions, where things that I rub onto 98% of body doesn't have to be all artificial and possibly harmful to my health. 

Since then, I've been keeping my eye out for a new natural moisturizer that doesn't cause a crater in my bank account, but I've been largely unsuccessful. Some of the big names in organic toilettries do deliver a whole variety of body lotions that promise all sorts of wonderful effects without the toxins, but they are so out of my student budget that I literally cringe in the store aisle. How do they expect someone like me to overlook the HUGE bottle of Jergens that sells at $6.99 and go for a tiny bottle that costs 3 times as much? They must think they can rob me blind!
So I always just browse through these products, never fully committing myself to anyone of them--until today. Today, I took the plunge and took one home, legally of course. It's from the brand J.R.Watkins Natural Apothecary, in the Aloe and green tea formula. At a decent 325ml size, it sold for $8.99 on sale. It claims to be 97.8% natural, Paraben- free, Phthalate-free, Propylene Glycol-free, and dye-free. This brand is certified by the Natural Products Association and this lotion contains many natural extracts such as shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, green tea extract, aloe to name a few. With all these natural extracts however, it does contain some artificial ingredients like glycerin, fragrance, and sodium hydroxide. 

This lotion has such a cool packaging. It's in a retro-looking bottle that resembles antique medicine bottles from the 1900's. I adore this kind of design because I'm addicted to history and I like things that remind me of the past.


I tested this product in store. It's a rich, white lotion with a FANTASTIC flowery scent. It spread very evenly onto my skin and felt very smooth and didn't feel tacky or greasy at all. It absorbed quickly into my skin and left a divine smell on my hands just like I thought it would. However, it wasn't as rich as I had hoped it would be, but I find that a common problem with organic/natural moisturizers, that they just seem to lack that bit of  "OOMPH". 

In the end, I bought this lotion anyways. It contains a lot of natural extracts that heal and protect the skin and I really like the fact that it's Paraben-free. Paraben preservatives have been linked to breast cancer and although science hasn't fully proven this to be true, since it does nothing to improve the quality of the product, why not live without it? I also fell in love with the scent because it added a little bit of summer to the dreary winter days and lifted my mood instantly.

Overall, I give this lotion an 8/10 and would definitely buy it again.

For reviews on J.R.Watkin's Head To Toe Kit, please check out ShimmerMeBlue: J.R. Watkins Head to Toe Kit Review

Update: After 2 weeks of applying this lotion I must admit it fell flat. It failed to keep moisture in my skin and leaves a tight feeling on my skin after applying. It's just not good enough for the winter days. I downgrade this lotion to 4/10 and would not purchase this again.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    this sounds like a cool product, i shall check it out. i don't know if you've considered aloe products for the faces. I've had wonderful experiences with them. (not only they are good for the skin, they also aid in teh healing process!!) currently, im experimenting with carol alt's raw essentials, it's chemical free and completely raw...(lol, feels like im advertising)

    Posted on February 9, 2010 at 9:39 AM  

    Sisi Says:

    you know what, the funny thing is someone just gave me some aloe sample products for the faces today and I was gonna try it.

    I've tried Jason's 95%aloe gel before and it gave me a gnarly rash so from then on i've had this fear of aloe, but I shall see wat this sample does for me.

    Posted on February 9, 2010 at 7:06 PM  

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