Goodbye Chemicals. Hello, My Face.

I've had super-oily skin since...forever. After years of hoarding cleansers of all shapes that promise to erase blemishes and control oil, I found myself no better than when I had started as a pimply, awkward teen--just older and more frustrated.

Then my skin seemed to calm down on its own--or so I thought. One day, it turned against me in the ultimate rebellion, and I was left with tiny, red, itchy bumps all over my face and neck.
The culprit? Harsh cleansers and moisturizers made with out-of-this-world chemicals. My skin was simply overwhelmed.

At the same time, I was also going through something else even more traumatic--I was fighting cancer.
Since then, I've vowed to myself that I'll keep my wallet sternly shut and my heart shielded from the seductive lures of the cosmetics world. I'm going to take charge of my own beauty and health.

All of this sounds fine and dandy, but let me tell's HARD. Sometimes I have to bite my nails and run from the store counter because a particular jar just looks magical it practically screams: BUY ME BUY ME!"
In these times, I literally have to tear myself away and wipe my forehead and sigh: "Holy cow!"

Just the other day, I read a book written by a famous editor for Allure who said that Retinol-A is the only effective agent against aging skin. It somehow got stuck in my head and when I passed by a drugstore shelf, my eyes fell upon a bottle of Retinol cream made by a well-known brand.
I reached out for it, my eyes widening, my heart racing. Have I found the elixir of youth? 
Then, my loyal friend Esther pushed my outreached hand away from the shelf and shook her head with disapproval.
"You're right. I'm only 22." I laughed, finally coming to my senses.

So wish me luck on my adventures and experiments. I will share tried-and-true DIY beauty secrets and for the failures...let's just have a good laugh.


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